Character Lovers Anonymous.

The Perplexities of Characters and Why they Ruin Our Lives
in Addition to Making them Worth Living

Part III: Words: The Most Infallible Love Potion

Hey there. Welcome to the last post in this exhausted series. And when I say, "exhausted", I'm mostly talking about my brian. Also my brain.

Meeting leader: Welcome everyone. I'm glad you are all here. Let's take a moment and introduce ourselves, shall we? Let's start with you. You, with the frizzy hair and the bags under your eyes. What's your name, and tell us why you're here?

Me: Hi everyone. I'm Lexie. And I… and I fall in love with characters.

Meeting leader: Ahh yes. I think we call can relate to this. Why don't you explain.

Me: Oh geez. Where to begin? Well… let's see… I think the best place to start would be the Disney Princes. I mean, how could you not fall in love? I was so young, too. You've got Aladdin with his adventurous and lively personality, and Prince Philip with his quick wit… Prince Eric never really did anything for me, but once the Beast shed his growly wall of defense…I was a goner. There was no going back. They all have such chiseled jaws too. Sigh. 

And then of course there was every male character in Harry Potter. I think I've had a crush on every one of them at some point (with the obvious exceptions of Dumbledore, Hagrid, Karkaroff, Pettigrew, Crabbe, Goyle, and the majority of the Death eaters. Oh and Colin Creevy). I realized the depth of my attachment to characters through my HP journey. That was really a wake-up call. 

And then there was Darcy of course. He still causes me to go weak in the knees (which is perhaps one of the most embarrassing side effects on account of me not being a mushy gushy, lovey dovey type person). Basically every P&P based story causes me to fall hard, e.g., Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail and Jimmy Stewart in Shop around the Corner.

Jim Halpert. My ideal. Absolutely. He is the reason I have given up hope on ever finding love. I'm almost sure no one will ever compare. Which is really heartbreaking. Oh please, someone (some man out there), prove me wrong. 

Is that a good overview? Is that enough to go on for now? Is there anyway you can help me through this? Please? I'm begging you. I need help. 

You have to know what I'm talking about. I know you do. I'm pretty sure that every female ever, who ever read a book or watched a movie, has fallen in love. At least once. You can't hide from this truth. You have to acknowledge and accept it! That has to be the first step in coping. It has to be.

Why do the men we read about or watch on the TV seem so desirable? Why do they seem so perfectly charming, talented and flawed in all the right ways? Why? Why does this happen to us?

It actually concerns me a little bit. It's unfair to the men in the world. I'm not saying that book or movie characters can ever compare to real people, but I think that sometimes…sometimes they set high standards. Unreal standards. And I think it's hard to let go.

I don't know the answer to this problem. I love characters. I love getting lost in their worlds. I just wish it was easier to emerge back out.

It's like when you take a really long, hot shower on a cold winter morning. Coming out of the shower into the cruel, unforgiving, crisp air is excruciating.

Coming back to reality after immersing yourself in a book or movie is like that.

And it's really upsetting.

(Male bloggers, how does this work for you? Do you often fall in love with characters as well? I'm thinking you must.)

And that concludes this miniseries. I hope you didn't die of boredom and/or lack of creativity.

Tomorrow: We conquer the beast.


  1. Yeah I have fallen in love with characters before. As a kid I had it bad for Ariel (at least one blogger is going to hate me for saying that.) I tend to fall for the ones who show vulnerability and aren't the can do everything girls. It's a really narrow line for me of characters that I fall for and ones that I don't but it's there for sure.

  2. Psh...I highly doubt that any girl in this world with any sense has NOT fallen in love with some fictional character. I completely understand how you feel. Once you get into a fictional world, it's so painful coming back out of it. It's like a parasitic relationship, and you forget whether you loved or hated that fandom because of how much it's become your personal reality.


  3. I love fictional boys. Annoying people say,"It's because you're scared to fall in love in real life."

    "UMM no. Boys in books are just better."

  4. Oh yes. I've definitely fallen for characters. You may hate me but I did fall for Edward Cullen. And there's this character called Valek from The Magic Study trilogy that I just... find... hot lol!

  5. I don't really have much of a problem when people say they love characters, but when you're falling IN love with them, then it gets a bit much. What's far worse than that even though is when you let this love of fictional characters affect how you think and feel about real people. Such as all the crazy girls that read Twilight and legitimately dumped and even divorced their partners "for not being Edward Cullen." I suppose it's okay to feel for a character, but don't live in the fantasy world. Still have the capacity to love others, and love them more than a fictional character who can not, and will never be able to, return your feelings. Also, I don't really fall in love with characters. I imagine some guys do, but I haven't really. Sometimes I dispute my own ability to feel love anyway.

  6. Oh, I've fallen for fictional characters. The Disney Princes.. the Final Fantasy men.. Even Goku and Gohan of the DragonBall Z. lol..

    And yes, the hardest part is "waking up".. Reality is a different world.

  7. Oh I have fallen for so many...George Weasley.... Sirius Black...Remus Lupin....Peeta Mellark...Finnick Odair...Gale Hawthorn and soooo many more!! x