The Crying Game Review (sort of)

Sometimes I happen across the weirdest movies and I just don't understand how this always happens to me. If you've ever seen The Crying Game, maybe you know where I'm coming from. Just so you know, spoilers will ensue.

The Crying Game is marketed by it being a "psychological thriller" and having a severe plot twist. But here's the thing. I just don't get it.

It starts off with this horny British soldier who gets captured by these Irish soldier guys who hold him hostage in exchange for one of their men. There's one captor, Fergus, who is really amiable and nice to the British guy, and they kind of hit it off or whatever. So the British guy shows Fergus a picture of his woman back home, and he tells Fergus that if he dies, he wants Fergus to protect her.

But here's the thing. When he showed Fergus the picture I was confused because I was thinking to myself, "Why is Rob Pilatus from Milli Vanilli in that picture?" Because….the woman looked like a man.

And the best part is, the INCREDIBLE PLOT TWIST was that….surprise! She was a transgender woman. The end.

So needless to say, I was still waiting for a bigger mystery to unveil itself during the whole movie because I knew the whole time that this was a transgender woman. But Fergus didn't, so I guess that added some suspense. But I just don't understand why it is considered a plot twist, because it was so very obvious. And not just to me…she had an Adam's Apple. So I don't understand…was the audience supposed to think she was a woman like Fergus, or was the audience supposed to be clued in? I don't know because apparently everyone on the internet just loves it and such and I'm rambling now, but it was a really horrible movie, but I always enjoy Forest Whitaker.